A few words from our alumni...​


portrait of Doctor Kham Ali

Kham Ali, MD, MBA, Class of 2020
Attending Physician, Phelps Memorial Hospital, NY

St. John’s Riverside is a hidden jewel in the crowded NY ER residency scene. Our emphasis on early plan of care and treatment approach autonomy allows for our residents to hone their clinical skills and practice style from day one in their training. The camaraderie of our smaller, tight-knit crew is echoed throughout the mid-levels, nurses, and other support staff. Here, your attendings aren’t authoritarian commanders of the old guard in medicine but instead take more of a mentorship role without any barriers to open discussion and intellectual discourse surrounding the complexities of patient care. I’ve enjoyed my time at SJRH and will miss it dearly.

portrait of Doctor Tom Huls

Tom Huls, MD, Class of 2020
Attending Physician | Kaiser Permanente Modesto Medical Center, CA

During my time at St. John’s Riverside Hospital, I completed projects that took me from Vegas to Dubrovnik. I worked in hospitals that had 5 ER rooms and ones with 50+. I made great friends. We got through the NYC COVID-19 outbreak together. Because of the great support and mentorship I received at St. John’s Riverside Hospital, I got the exact type of job I was looking for out of residency. Also, Mary McLean does a great dragon impression.

portrait of Doctor Mary McLean

Mary McLean, MD, Class of 2020
Core Faculty | St. John’s Riverside Hospital, Yonkers, NY

St. John’s offered me the ability to train in the best region in the country for EM education, while still getting a unique community program experience. This is rare for EM programs in the NYC metro area – as most are larger academic centers. St. John’s has the tight-knit family feel that I wanted at my residency program home base, but it also allowed me to get the full trauma experience over our several months of off-service rotations at Jacobi, Montefiore, and Elmhurst. There were also tons of leadership and committee opportunities offered within the hospital, regionally, and nationally. I couldn’t be happier with where I trained and what St. John’s has offered, and I was excited to give back by helping to build a new program!

portrait of Doctor Jason Young

Jason Young, MD, Class of 2020
Ultrasound Fellow | Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, NJ

I am honored to be a graduate of the inaugural class of St. John’s Riverside Hospital’s EM Residency Program. It is unlike any other EM residency throughout the New York Metro area. It has challenged the stigma of “trade offs” that come with a traditional community medicine program. By combining elements of different high- and low-volume practice settings through blended community, academic, and trauma sites, it has given me the opportunity to experience EM through a range of patient demographics, disease stages, provider practice styles, and ED workflow, without compromising graduate medical education or research opportunities. Moving forward with the lifelong connections, strong skillset, and the core knowledge base that SJRH has granted me, I am confident addressing head-on the ambiguity of any ED, and the growing field of emergency medicine.