portrait of Doctor Mark Silberman

Mark Silberman, MD, FCCP, FACEP
Hometown: Deerfield, Illinois
Residency & Fellowship: Columbia University, New York Presbyterian Hospital
Academic Interests: Organizational Psychology & Team Building, Operations, Administration, Business of Medicine
Personal Interests: Mountain Biking, Skiing, Hiking, International Travel

portrait of Doctor Miriam Kulkarni

Miriam Kulkarni, MD, FACEP
Program Director
Hometown: West Windsor, NJ
Residency: Jacobi/Einstein
Academic Interests: Medical education, simulation
Personal Interests: Travel, reading, cooking projects with my three young children

portrait of Doctor Yomna Nassef

Yomna Nassef, MD
Assistant Program Director
Hometown: Long Island, NY
Residency: NYP-Weill Columbia/Cornell
Academic Interests: Medical journalism, research
Personal Interests: Traveling, being a “foodie,” watching the NY Knicks lose for 30+years

portrait of Doctor Mary McLean

Mary McLean, MD
Assistant Program Director
Hometown: Portland, OR
Residency: St. John’s Riverside Hospital
Academic Interests: Medical education, procedural medicine, cardiology, implicit bias, diversity & inclusion, technology and social media in medical education
Personal Interests: Cooking, crime documentaries, animals, computer games, travel, and being a foodie

portrait of Doctor Raffaele Milizia

Raffaele Milizia, MD, FACEP
Medical Director
Residency: New York Presbyterian Hospital – Columbia and Cornell
Academic Interests: Operations and ED throughput, clinical protocols, communication, technology
Personal Interests: Music, family, soccer, gold, gardening

portrait of Doctor Paul Sasso

Paul Sasso, MD
Assistant Medical Director, Emergency Department
Academic Interests: Operations and ED Throughput, Patient Experience, Physician Wellness, Clinical Protocols
Personal Interests: Bocce, Cooking, Family, Football, Surfing, Travel

portrait of Doctor Norman Mok

Norman Mok, MD
Assistant Medical Director, Emergency Department
Hometown: Long Island, NY
Residency: Mt. Sinai
Academic Interests: ED Operations
Personal Interests: Cycling, golf, but really it’s whatever my two kids like to do

portrait of Doctor Angela Cirilli

Angela Cirilli, MD, RDMS, FACEP
Ultrasound Director
Academic Interests: Critical care, point of care ultrasound
Personal Interests: Boxing, surfing, traveling, cooking

portrait of Doctor Ellen Kurkowski

Ellen Kurkowski, DO
Associate Ultrasound Director
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Residency: Rowan SOM EM/IM
Fellowship: NYU, Ultrasound
Academic Interests: Emergency ultrasound, resident education, global health, wilderness medicine
Personal Interests: Marathon running, hiking Mount Everest, working in Alaska, Skiing, Travel, Cooking

portrait of Doctor Connie Yu

Connie Yu, MD
Director of Resident Education in Ultrasound
Hometown: Long Island, NY
Residency: Stony Brook School of Medicine
Fellowship: Yale University, Ultrasound
Academic Interests: Emergency ultrasound, global health, resident education, research
Personal Interests: Hiking, yoga, globetrotting, & culinary adventures

portrait of Doctor Elizabeth Fernandez

Elizabeth Fernandez, MD, FACEP
Attending Physician
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Residency: SUNY Downstate/Kings County
Academic Interests: Pain management, wellness, resilience, nutrition, ultrasound
Personal Interests: Scuba diving, travel, cooking, hiking with my dog 

portrait of Doctor Evan Ou

Evan Ou, MD
Medical Student Co-Clerkship Director
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Residency: NYP-Weill Columbia/Cornell
Academic Interests: Systems and operations, resident education
Personal Interests: Music production, eating to excess, going to the gym so I can eat to excess

St. John's Riverside Hospital logo

Laura Thomas, DMD, MD
Attending Physician
Hometown: Upstate NY
Residency: University of Pennsylvania
Academic Interests: Dentistry
Personal Interests: Video games (The Legend of Zelda), Korean dramas, gardening

portrait of Doctor Joanette Weiss

Joanette Weiss, MD
Attending Physician
Hometown: Salt Point, NY
Residency: Mt. Sinai -St. Luke’s Roosevelt
Academic Interests: Teaching of Clinical skills
Personal Interests: Organic gardener, writing/author, food blogger at https://growwithdoctorjo.com/blog-2/

St. John's RIverside Hospital logo

Zareen Khan, MD, MPH
Attending Physician
Hometown: Pelham, NY
Residency: Albert Einstein-Jacobi/Montefiore
Academic Interests: Global/international EM, epidemiology and public health
Personal Interests: Traveling, cooking, being a foodie, comics and graphic novels, sci-fi, reading, history

St. John's RIverside Hospital logo

Despina Trigenis, DO
Attending Physician
Residency: St. Barnabas

St. John's RIverside Hospital logo

Stephanie Haimowitz, MD
Attending Physician
Residency: Jacobi Medical Center
Academic Interests: Trauma, Critical Care

Stephanie Widmer, MD
Attending Physician
Hometown: Harrison, NY
Residency: Northshore University Hospital
Academic Interests: Toxicology, Critical care
Personal Interests: Traveling, indoor rock climbing