The program offers a variety of experiences for residents, a few of which are listed below. If you have a specific goal or endeavor in mind, we will help make it a reality.

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We are fortunate to have several passionate fellowship trained ultrasonographers among our faculty – including Dr. Angela Cirilli, Dr. Connie Yu, and Dr. Ellen Kurkowski. Our ultrasound faculty runs a yearly ultrasound boot camp annually, in addition to the first and second year rotations, where senior residents are given teaching opportunities. Ultrasounds performed by residents are reviewed one-on-one to provide formative feedback. Our ultrasound faculty is also heavily involved in ultrasound research, from mentoring resident projects to our monthly Ultrasound Journal Club dedicated to EM Ultrasound literature. We require 300 scans for graduation.

We prioritize allowing our residents to attend local conferences involving the other EM Residency Programs in the New York City Area. We participate in the annual Bronx Toxicology Symposium, annual Bronx SimWars Competition, annual Bronx SonoWars, annual NY ACEP resident conferences, bi-annual ALLNYCEM conferences, and other joint events.

EM residents are granted a $1,500 travel fund for each national or international conference in which the resident has a publication accepted, presentation scheduled, or is granted a leadership role. We have funded resident travel to ACEP, SAEM, CORD, and other national and international conferences. Last year, several residents were fortunate enough to travel to Croatia! Our residents have also represented our program at conferences in London, Denver, Las Vegas, Nashville, San Diego, and Seattle.

This past year, our residents presented research at every major national conference, and were even able to travel abroad to present their research! Our faculty is dedicated to allowing residents to pursue the academic endeavors that matter to them. Our institution offers a Resident Research Grant of $500 to pursue new projects, in additional to the standard research publication/presentation travel funding.

Our residents have set up specialized ICU, toxicology, medical education, administrative, anesthesia, medicolegal, orthopedics, and pediatric rotations at other hospitals in the NYC area. As a new program, we have been building new relationships with other institutions based on resident interests, and have excelled at this so far!

Debating pursuing an MPH? Had your eye on an MBA since before medical school and wish you had taken the plunge? We can work to build that into your training. Our residents have pursued other advanced degrees and we will work with you to fit it into your schedule.

SJRH is affiliated with the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine. Residents will have the opportunity to work with and mentor medical students during their core MS3 and MS4 rotations in our ED.

Want to help shape the program? Or improve the patient experience at SJRH? Residents are active members on a variety of formal hospital and residency committees, and resident leadership roles, including:

  • Hospital Committees

    • Asthma Action Committee

    • Diversity & Inclusion Committee

    • Emergency Medical Services Committee

    • Ethics Committee

    • Health Information Services Committee

    • Palliative & Pain Management Committee

    • Performance Improvement Committee

    • Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee

    • Sepsis Committee

    • Stroke Committee

    • Transitions of Care Committee

  • Residency Committees

    • Graduate Medical Education Committee

    • Program Evaluation Committee

    • Wellness Committee

  • Resident Leadership Roles

    • Chief Resident

    • Journal Club Rep

    • Medical Student Education Rep

    • M&M Rep

    • Residency Interview Rep

    • Resident Research Rep

    • SJRH Resident Rep to CORD

    • SJRH Resident Rep to the NY ACEP EM Residents Committee

    • SJRH Resident Rep to EMRA

Residents work alongside Empress EMS during their PGY-1 EMS rotation, and can remain involved via joint research projects, paramedic training involvement, or our monthly EMS call audits.