Program Leadership

portrait of Doctor Miriam Kulkarni

Miriam Kulkarni MD, FACEP

Program Director

  • Residency: Jacobi-Montefiore Emergency Medicine Residency
  • Academic Interests: Medical Education, Simulation
  • Personal Interests: Travel, reading, cooking projects with my three young children

portrait of Doctor Yomna Nassef

Dr. Yomna Nassef, MD

Assistant Program Director

  • Residency: NYP-Weill Columbia/Cornell
  • Academic Interests: Medical journalist, Research
  • Personal Interests: Traveling, being a “foodie,” watching the NY Knicks lose for 30+ years

Dr. Stephanie Widmer, MD

Assistant Program Director

  • Residency: Northshore University Hospital
  • Academic Interests: Toxicology, critical care
  • Personal Interests: Traveling, indoor rock climbing





portrait of Doctor Mark Silberman

Mark Silberman, MD, FCCP, FACEP


  • Residency & Fellowship: Columbia University, New York Presbyterian Hospital
  • Academic Interests: Organizational Psychology & Team Building, Operations, Administration, Business of Medicine
  • Personal Interests: Mountain Biking, Skiing, Hiking, International Travel

portrait of Doctor Raffaele Milizia

Raffaele Milizia, MD, FACEP

Medical Director

  • Residency: New York Presbyterian Hospital – Columbia and Cornell
  • Academic Interests: Operations and ED Throughput, Clinical Protocols, Communication, Technology
  • Personal Interests: Music, Family, Soccer, Gold, Gardening

Angelique Vazquez

Program Coordinator

  • Academic Interests: I  have had a 30 year career in the medical field, including psychology, medical staff coordinator, and residency coordinator. 
  • Personal Interests: Flowers, Music, and my Grandchildren.